Looking to buy lottery tickets online? No matter what is your favourite gambling option, neglecting lotteries is impossible if you are looking for big money. While casinos provide huge wins on rare occasions, winning life-changing prizes in lotteries is something that happens literally every week. Although very popular, casino games are always limited to a certain percentage of population, while it is hard to find a person that has never participated in any lottery.

At least once in a lifetime, everybody has been daydreaming of the moment when a worthless piece of paper becomes his ticket to a new life.

lotteryCountries all around the world have embraced lotteries, declared state monopolies and prohibited everybody else from organising them. Huge lottery funds provide fresh income for the state budget on the one side, but also give enormous payouts back to the participants on the other side. There is something honest and democratic in lotteries; they provide equal chances to men and women, rich and poor, to hit it big and press the reset button in their lives. It is not too much to ask for a fresh start and lotteries can give it to us.

The reason for the overall acceptance of these games lies in a fact that, with a relatively small price, you get a chance to earn not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of pounds, dollars or euros. If you consider joining the army of lottery participants to buy lottery tickets online, LionCasinos.com has the best to offer. Even though the odds are not very big, someone will get that gigantic jackpot eventually and you deserve it just as anybody else.

Biggest Lotteries


America’s favourite lottery, Powerball, is no question about it, the most popular game of chance in the world. It is played in 44 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, but Powerball easily crosses the state borders and reaches all places on the planet. The lottery is organised by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit, government-benefit association, formed in December 1987 by seven U.S. lotteries: Washington, D.C., Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Rhode Island and West Virginia. MUSL now has 33 member lotteries and it coordinates another prominent game – Mega Millions. The first game was launched in 1988 under the name Lotto America and changed its name to Powerball in 1992.

From the very beginning, Powerball has shown signs of innovation, like drawing numbers from two drums. This two-drum concept allows high jackpot odds and more prize levels. There are 69 white balls inside the first drum and 28 red Powerballs in another one. Players select 5 numbers from the white ball set and 1 number from the red balls in each game, with a minimum bet of $2. Players are allowed to pick the numbers themselves, or to choose the “easy pick” option and let the computer randomly select the numbers.

Of course, a jackpot is won when all 6 numbers are matched, but all games matching at least 3 white balls and red ball will win. An additional $1 per game allows players to activate the Power Play option and to multiply their winnings of $50,000 or less by up to 5 or 10 times. If you become a member of an exclusive group of Powerball jackpot winners, bare in mind that you can receive your prize in cash or as 30-year annuity payments and each payment is 5% bigger than the previous one. Buy lottery tickets for Powerball!

Mega Millions

The Multi-State Lottery Association is in charge of another massive lottery game, called Mega Millions. This game is offered in all jurisdictions as the Powerball, except Puerto Rico. With a price of just $1 for each game, Mega Millions gives everybody a chance to compete for their immense jackpot prizes. Originally named The Big Game in 1996, it has changed the name to Mega Millions six years later. Drawings are held Tuesday and Friday at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia.

The game itself is similar to Powerball; there are two sets of balls, drawn from two drums, and players need to pick 5 from the first set and 1 from the second. White balls in the first drum have numbers from 1 to 75, while the second drum contains only 15 yellow balls with numbers from 1 to 15. The minimum jackpot of $15,000,000 is won when all 6 numbers are matched. For matching only 5 white ball numbers, Mega Millions is obliged to pay a minimum of $1,000,000. There are 8 non-jackpot winning levels and for an additional $1 per game players can increase their prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. This feature is called Megaplier and the Texas Lottery draws it by a random number generator. With an exception in California, Mega Millions winners have one year to claim their prizes. Buy lottery tickets for Mega Millions lottery.

Euro Millions

All good things are made in partnership, and a cooperation among national lotteries of United Kingdom, France and Spain gave birth to the biggest European lottery, Euro Millions, back in 2004. Huge winnings in Euro Millions did not go unnoticed and Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish and Swiss lotteries quickly joined. Today, this lottery includes a minimum guaranteed jackpot of CA$15 million, which usually goes far beyond that amount, and masses of players often creating syndicates to boost their chances of winning a prize.

All draws are held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday night. Similar to the US main lotteries, there are two drums with balls inside of them. The first drum contains 50 balls, while the second (called Lucky Star) contains only 11. In order to participate in Euro Millions players need to pay CA$2, CA$2.00 or CHF3.00 per line. Players must select five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two additional Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 11, or let the computer do the job. Although players sometimes need to wait for a while before a jackpot comes up, there are millions of non-jackpot winners in every draw. Buy lottery tickets now.

Largest Lottery Jackpots

Logically, the biggest lotteries can provide the biggest prizes, although smaller lotteries can sometimes accumulate respectable jackpots as well. However, all largest jackpots in history are connected to the main US and European lotteries. Massive payouts in Powerball in MegaMillions frequently cause a worldwide frenzy with millions of non-Americans buying their tickets. After a taxation of 30%, nonresidents can collect their winnings as well. CADpean jackpots and other winnings are usually tax-free.

January 13, 2016 is the day written in the history of the USA as the day when the largest-ever jackpot was paid. Powerball’s $1,586,400,000 jackpot was shared equally among three lucky winners that bought their tickets in California, Florida and Tennessee. While Californian winner is not yet identified, two others showed up to share their story to the public. A 70-year old Maureen Smith from Florida told that she had bought with the same six numbers for years before winning a jackpot. Robinson family from Tennessee decided to take their $528.7 million share in one lump-sum payment.

Another legendary jackpot was split among three winning tickets – $656 million was the magical jackpot sum won in 2012 in Mega Millions. Each ticket holder took $218,600,000, one of which was actually a group of friends with a nickname “The Three Amigos”.

Ira Curry from Georgia and Steve Tran from California split $648 million jackpot in December 2013, playing Mega Millions lottery. World record for one ticket holds an 84-year-old lady, Gloria Mackenzie for winning $590 million jackpot in the Powerball drawing in May 2013.

By matching all 5 numbers and both Lucky Stars on CADMillions, Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK won CA$148 million (CA$190 million) in August 2012. Two years later a lucky winner from Portugal won the same prize. Buy lottery tickets now!

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