Casino Bonus Offers for Canadian Players

Well, as much as that is true inside a land based casino, at online casinos these things happen every day. In fact, online casinos will literally bombard you with their bonus offers, competing with others in trying to get your attention.” What is the catch?”, you may wonder. “No one will give me his or her money just like that.” That is pretty much true, but you will need to acquire many information, as well as gaming experience, in order to decide what is the best casino bonus for you.

As the number of casinos grows dynamically year after year, so does the number of bonuses offered to both, new and existed players. You will not find many gamblers that have resisted the temptation of bonuses and, honestly, who would blame them? You may ask some of them for a piece of advice, or decide to see what the experts have to say about it. If the latter is your choice, do not look further, since here at we employ skilled professionals who will closely analyse the best casino bonus offers out there.

Different Types of Offers

If you are not experienced with online casinos, their bonuses and promotions pages may seem chaotic, which, admittedly, they sometimes really are. In order to help you in your quest for the best casino bonus, we have listed below some major types of casino bonuses. Most of bonuses at online casinos are variations of these types.

Welcome Bonus Packages

These are the most frequent bonuses within the online casino industry on both sides, demand and supply, and the reason is simple. New casinos need new players, so they offer tempting sign-up bonuses, causing old casinos to react and boost their sign-up bonuses. On the other side, new players tend to accept generous offers since the sign-up or welcome bonus is usually the best casino bonus you can find on the web. Note that sign-up bonuses are offered exclusively to new players, those that have registered for the first time at the casino.

Online casinos are very specific about it and they will not provide you a sign-up bonus if you live at the same home address or use the same computer as any other existing player. The welcome bonuses are usually given after your first deposit as a value that matches the amount you placed by certain percentage. Sometimes a casino will offer you a welcome package awarding not only your first, but also the second, the third, even the fourth deposit.

No deposit bonus

As you have read above, typically, bonuses depend on your deposits, more precisely, the sum you placed when making a deposit. However, sometimes a casino will offer you free cash to play, no string attached. Although no deposit bonuses are symbolic in comparison to deposit-linked ones, you will be playing with the casino’s money after all.

Reload Bonus

After you spend your sign-up bonus, you will not be left to play only with your own money, at least not with some casinos. Reload bonuses are similar to sign-up bonuses, except they are offered to existing players. Basically, when you make a deposit, you will be able to claim a certain percentage as a reload bonus. Some casinos give reload bonuses on a monthly basis, therefore the name “monthly bonus” is frequently used.

Free Spin Bonus

Most popular games at online casinos are slots, no question about it, and with free spin bonuses you will have a chance to spin the reels for a while and save your money at the same time. Usually, free spin bonuses relate to specific games, rather than all slots at a casino. These bonuses are offered when a casino tries to promote a particular game or to make you interested to an upcoming casino tournament. Also, free spin bonuses are often parts of sign-up bonuses, making you harder to reject their offer.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

You have probably learned by now that bonuses have lot to do with the casinos’ promotional activities, especially with gaining new players. The name tells you what it is all about – if you let know some of your acquaintances about a casino and they register, you will be paid some cash. However, unless your friend is a rock star with gambling issues, you will not get rich using this bonus. Then again, if you already have a circle of friends who enjoy online gaming, it would be a smart thing to take advantage of refer-a-friend bonuses.

Loyalty Bonus

These bonuses are not easy to get, since they require the player’s commitment to the casino. Loyalty bonuses are, as their names suggests, reserved for loyal members, those who have been playing with the casino for some time. Online casinos are trying to find the ways to reward their devoted members, therefore loyalty bonuses may be offered when the player is moving up the casino’s loyalty program. In addition, it is quite common for a casino to offer different bonuses for different loyalty levels.

Wagering Requirements & Games

Now we are coming back to the beginning of the text and the question about who would give their money for nothing. Online casinos do offer bonuses, but they are awarded to be played, not to withdraw them any time you want. In order to ensure you will use the bonuses for the purpose of gaming, the casinos have imposed wagering requirements. Therefore, if a casino sets a wagering requirement (sometimes called play-through) of 35 times bonus, it means a player have to wager 35 times the casino bonus before he will be allowed to withdraw any money.

That can be tricky, especially if you have blindly claimed a bonus without reading a fine print before. Meeting a wagering requirement can be even more problematic since different games usually count differently towards meeting wagering requirements. Namely, slot games often contribute with 100% of their bet value towards the play-through requirement but other games may count very little or even not count at all (which is common for live dealer games).

How to Find the Best Casino Bonus

As we have seen before, the bonuses are a big thing in online casinos. Online casinos use them to attract and keep their members, while players often find playing with free chips irresistible. However, being greedy is not the best approach, because, sometimes, bigger bonuses are not better. Big cash bonuses can be subject to difficult wagering requirement, making you wish you have never claimed a bonus. There will be occasions when the fine print contains crucial information that you overlooked or misunderstood.

Furthermore, even if you did your homework and figured out how a bonus works, there could be a much better bonus offer out there and you were completely unaware of it. We at Lion Casinos feel that the best casino bonus should be a perfect mixture of all ingredients: bonus amount, games that can be played with it, acceptable wagering requirements and more. Moreover, we are willing to search, find and present you the top bonuses in the gaming industry, making sure you will not miss the one that suits your needs perfectly.

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