Horror Themed Online Slots

One of the most popular themes in online gambling is the horror theme, with its many sub niches such as zombies, vampires and the like. Some of these slots have not only made it to mainstream but have took over the main spots in online casino lobbies, such as Immortal Romance or Blood Suckers, both themed around vampires, and Zombies and Lost Vegas which are about zombies.

Horror Themed Online Slots

Play Horror Themed Slots

Vampire slots

Vampire slots fall into two categories, those generally about vampires and those themed around Dracula in particular. This is one of the must-have themes for every slot developer as the popularity of vampires never ceases, and they’re work very well in a slot game setting as they allow for stunning visuals and innovative bonus games.

Some of the most popular vampire slots are Dracula, Immortal Romance, Blood Suckers, Vampires, Ooh Aah Dracula, Bitten, and many other titles that are based on vampires or Dracula in particular and haven’t made it to mainstream but are still very interesting. Furthermore, Dracula and vampires can be covered in many ways, from realistic, cartoonish, funny, based on a movie or a book – there’s an endless source of inspiration.

Zombie slots

Zombie slots come in at close second, they’re a bit less popular than vampires but have strong representatives in Zombies and Lost Vegas. It seems that this particular theme is yet unexplored, yet so many movies and comic books offer inspiration, and we’re likely to see the zombie theme rise, especially after the huge success NetEnt had with Zombies. But zombies are already at the edge of what’s appropriate for a slot game, so a zombie slot has to be clevelry designed in order to be a success.

Other horror online slots

While zombies and vampires clearly rule the horror niche as they should, there have been other themes that fall into this still expanding genre that didn’t yet cover all based. Some horror slots are – appropriately – themed around horror movies such as Resident Evil, Frankenstein, Psycho, Creature from the Black Lagoon or Nightmare on Elm Street, and there are many popular horror flicks that haven’t yet been used as a base for a slot game. Immortal Romance is a special case as it isn’t officially a Twilight Saga slot, yet is so obviously its clone.

There are other slots based on literary works such as Jekyll & Hyde, and other slots with a more general horror theme such as Grim Muerto, anything related to Halloween, deadly sins, the devil, orcs, ghouls, ghosts, with haunted houses almost deserving a separate niche because of their popularity. Some areas that haven’t yet been explored by online slots include poltergeists, possessions, slasher movies, werewolves, aliens – all of these getting virtually no coverage despite 150+ horror themed slots in existance.

Obviously, many themes are just too scary to be applicable to a gambling game, and it’s those vaguely scary themes that get developed into a slot game.

Horror slot game developers

Just about every slot developer out there ventured into the horror theme. It actually seems the smaller game developers are more likely to develop a horror slot game, while the big developers are reluctant

to do so unless they find a really good theme. As a result, most horror themed slots are designed by small developers, with a handful of horror titles coming from the big developers. Fortunately, it’s these slots that are among the best slots ever made.

Best horror themed slots

Most popular slots with a horror theme are undeniably Immortal Romance and Blood Suckers, as these two titles joined the class of most popular slots in general. There are more quality titles that didn’t reach quite those heights, such as Zombies and Dracula, and this is our list of the best 10 horror themed slots, in no particular order:

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