What is Social Gambling?

social gamblingThe development of social media platforms has brought a completely new form of gaming, social gambling. When we talk about this form of entertainment, we mean playing various games on social media platforms. So call social games attract millions of players around the world who can play them for free while social media users from certain countries are allowed to wager real money on them too.

Facebook is by far the most popular social network when it comes to social gambling. That is not a surprising fact when we know that the number of registered Facebook users reached 2 billion. The social casino gambling industry was worth more than $3 billion in 2016 and the revenue will grow by $1 billion in 2017, according to estimates. One would ask how this is possible when social media users can play the games such as slots, Texas Hold’em poker or Blackjack for free. Well, gaming operators offer players certain benefits, chips or goods which can be purchased with real money.

The biggest attraction of social gambling is that you can enjoy a variety of casino games for free with your friends or other people. Stay with us to learn more about this form of entertainment and find out how to enjoy it to the fullest.

Social Gambling Definition

Although playing card games at your home with your friends can be considered social gambling, the term we are talking about refers to playing casino games on social media platforms. It implies that you have a Facebook account and that you use it to access the games. The games are played in your web browser or on your hand held device. Some of the games are available as mobile apps you can easily install on your smartphone or tablet.

When playing casino games on social networks you are not required to wager real money. These games can be a good introduction to real money games as they are played according to the same rules. You can play them alone, with the people you are connected on the social network with or even with complete strangers.

Difference between Social and Traditional Gambling

There are numerous differences between social and traditional gambling. First of all, social gambling includes more people while traditional gambling is a solitary activity meaning that one goes all by themselves to a land-based casino or visits an online casino to place bets on their favourite casino games. Another difference between social and traditional gambling is that players are not required to place real money bets on the games. Instead, they play with virtual chips which are credited to them or earned during the course of the game. Consequently, no one can win real money payouts while engaging in social gambling, it’s all about having fun.

When playing social games on is supposed to achieve different goals and as the game advances, these goals may be more and more demanding. By completing tasks and accomplishing the goals, one can win different achievements which come in the form of virtual goods. This is one of the biggest differences between social and traditional gambling. Instead of winning real cash one can win virtual goods which will keep them coming for more. These goods which may be chips or level achievements justify the time a player spends playing a certain game.

Social Casino Games

The social gambling market is an emerging one with millions of users playing games on a daily basis. That’s why traditional casino game developers and providers are looking for ways to enter the market. Since we have made the concept of social gambling familiar to you, we will provide you now with a range of social games you can try out. Some of the social games you can enjoy via your Facebook account are Texas Holdem Poker, Slotomania, Bingo Blitz as well as a variety of Blackjack and Roulette games. The figures speak for themselves. For instance, Bingo Blitz has more than 1 million users on a monthly basis while the Slotomania page on Facebook is liked by more than 13 million people. The most popular social casino game is Texas Holdem Poker, developed by Zynga, with a fan base counting more than 66 million people.

One of the most popular gaming companies in the world IGT, with its headquarters in Nevada, hosts Doubledown Casino bringing a genuine Vegas gaming experience to your nearest device. With more than 1 million of monthly users, Doubledown Casino offers the most popular slots, Video Poker, Blackjack and other games in free play mode. With 1 million in free bonus chips, players can experience real Vegas thrills while playing more than 70 authentic slot machines such as the titles from the Wheel of Fortune series, Golden Goddess and more.

You can easily play social games directly from your internet browser or simply download the app from the Play Store or App Store and enjoy them wherever you are. As soon as you join the game you will be given a batch of free chips you can wager. You can win or lose and each day a certain amount of chips will be credited to your account. Search Facebook to find more social games to play and enjoy them from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Advantages of Social Casino Gambling

If you ask social gamblers what is the biggest advantage of taking part in this form of entertainment, most of them will tell you that it provides you with an exciting gaming experience and it is free. In addition, the social games can be played with other people and you can brag with your results by sharing them with your friends or followers. If you like so, each your achievement can be published on your Facebook profile and you can invite your friends to enjoy the gameplay with you. As you play social games you can learn the ropes and hone your gambling skills without risking real money.

Disadvantages of Social Gambling

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing social casino games is that all your brilliant results will remain just information you can brag with. No real money bets, no real money payouts. However, you can easily get addicted to this form of entertainment which can be extremely time-consuming. Besides, the providers of the games will offer you various benefits requiring real money and if you don’t manage to resist them, you can spend cash on them without a chance of returning it.

When it comes to slot machines, those which are available on the social media platforms are not that innovative, so you may get easily bored. There are social casino games which are designed for only one player, like previously mentioned slot machines, so you can’t enjoy them with your friends.


Does social gambling involve real money?
Yes and no. You can spend money on chips, VIP benefits and other stuff, but you cannot wager real money. That simply means one thing: there are no real money prizes or withdrawals.

Do I need a social network account to take part in social gambling?
Yes, to access social casino games you need to register with an account on the social network which offers it.

What’s the difference between social gaming and social gambling?
Social gaming includes social gambling, that is the best way to to put it. Social gambling refers to playing casino games on social media platforms. Besides this type of games there are other games to play too. They include titles like Candy Crash Saga, Mafia Wars or FarmVille. Playing these games is social gaming.

Is social gambling regulated?
The legal status of social gambling varies from one country to another. The majority of countries allow their residents to enjoy this from of entertainment and don’t ban the contents as real money is not involved in it. However, certain countries have their own definitions of social gambling. That’s why it is recommended to check out the status of this type of gambling activity before you take pat in it. The UK was the first country where Facebook offered real money social casino games. We are not surprised by this fact when it is known that the UK is one of the regulated online gaming markets with the UK Gambling Commission as a trustworthy authority granting licenses to online casinos.

Is social gambling safe?
Social gambling is safe as long as you act responsibly.

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