How to play penny slots


A penny is the lowest denomination in the USA currency. This denomination is deemed little and worthless and there are advocates who want the penny eliminated to make the nickel the lowest denomination. Penny slots are used by casinos to have an edge over the players. The fact that you can only bet using pennies on this slot, you will find them affordable and this will attract you to the slot making you avoid the nickel and quarter slots.

These penny slots entice the player to bet on a lot of pay lines or bet more than a penny for a line. The slot makes it easy to play a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines and wager $1.25 a spin without knowing it!

Is it possible to win on a penny slots?

Winning on a penny slot is possible. You realize that penny slots cover the largest area on casino floors. This being so, there are a lot of penny slots and with different themes to cater for the different tastes players have. To win on a penny slot, you need to have a good strategy to follow to strictly.

Choose the right penny slot

You need to choose the right penny slot machine. In high traffic areas you will find the most popular slot games which in turn give high payout rates. When choosing a slot game, go for the one that suits your personality and one that will allow you to play in multiple denominations.

Play on one that has bonuses

There are plenty of penny slots that will give you a variety of bonuses. To get the right penny slot that will give you plenty of fun and giveaways, go for the one with free spins, multipliers and expanding wilds.

Make the maximum wagers

This is the only way that you will make return on your investment. Making the maximum bet will translate to big wins when you make a winning spin. When you make a win in most cases, you will get an extra spin. Depending on the casino you’re in, you can get as many as 50 free spins. With these spins, do good with them.

Look for high payout percentages

Play at a casino that’s known to have good payout percentages. Also go for a penny slot that has a good return to player percentage. Look around, read reviews and establish the right casino and penny slot with regard to the payout percentages. Even better; play the free slot games to get familiar with the theme and see whether the slot will give you good return on your bankroll.

Have a budget

To prevail in any casino game, you need to come up with a budget and stick to it. The budget you come up with should be of the money you’re willing to lose. Always know that casino gaming should be all for entertainment and winning is a reward for having fun.

When playing the penny slots, come up with a budget and be strict to it. After the money you budget for is exhausted, stop playing and wait for another day when you have money you can afford to lose.

Playing the penny slots is easy and you’ll end up spending very little of your bankroll. If you get used to these slots, you will realize good returns in the long run if the payout percentage is good.

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