How Fair is Online Roulette?

One of the main concerns among potential online casino players and the one that keeps away some of them from the internet-based gambling is the fairness of the games. Many players are curious to try online roulette and other games, but fear they could be cheated by the casino or the software that runs the game.

The most important question for them is – can I be sure that the game is not fixed and I won’t be wasting money on a pre-determined rigged game?

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The short answer would be: online roulette is as fair as the one in land based casinos – 100% fair. To get a full answer and learn more about your winning odds in online roulette, read the following lines.

Virtual Roulette

The majority of roulette games at online casinos are virtual imitations of the real wheels and real balls. This, however, does not mean that you will be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy fair and dynamic gameplay. Virtual roulette is a computer program, developed by humans, but so is the real roulette wheel anyway.

The important question is whether someone put a bug inside software to ensure the outcome of every spin is against the bets placed by the player. Well, while something like that could happen at some obscure, short-lived online casinos, almost all online roulette games are perfectly fair.

How is the fairness provided? Quite simply, actually. You have probably heard about the Random Number Generator (RNG). It is a part of software that, as the name itself suggests, creates (generates) countless random numbers.

These numbers are connected to the outcomes of every game, so every time you hit the spin (play) button, the RNG will pop out series of numbers that will determine the place where the “ball” will eventually land. Rest assured that your chances to win and lose the money are completely in the hands of (virtual) God and no human force is involved. A completely different question would be how high or low are your general winning odds when playing roulette, but we will answer that question too.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is played at real tables with real wheels, real balls and conducted by real dealers. Therefore, when you play the live dealer roulette, you play the real game, but from a large distance. However, due to the live streams you will be watching the game in real time and you won’t miss any important detail.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering if the roulette machine is somehow rigged in order to trick the player. We have all heard or watched in old movies about the hidden pedals than enable the dealer to make the ball come to a stop at a desired position. Well, as much as that can be interesting to the movie-makers, things work completely different in real life.

How can you be sure the live dealer roulette is fair?

There are three important things you should know. First, all live dealer studios (some of them are real land based casinos) have their licenses, issued by the authority of the country where the games take place. This means that all the games are verified for their fairness.

Second, there are many players that use different strategies and place their bets on different outcomes at the same game, some of them win some lose at the same time, so it is a question which outcome actually brings most to the casino. And third, the most important point is – the casino makes the profit out of roulette in the long run anyway and there is no need for them to fix the wheel.

Winning Odds

As we have explained above, the outcomes of all roulette games are completely detached from the numbers you have wagered on. However, not all bets give you the same odds, but, consequently, the same payouts as well. If you decide to play on a single number, you will receive 35:1 payout, but the probability to win is really small – 2.7% in the European Roulette and 2.61% in the American version of the game.

If you want to reduce the risk as much as possible you can opt for Odd – Even or Black – Red bets and expect 1:1 payout with a probability of 48.6% (European) or 46.37% (American). The roulette comes with variety of main and side bets and the risk is always equivalent to the potential payout.


Just because you are playing online, doesn’t mean you are about to be robbed mercilessly. There are many ways to ensure fair online roulette whether you prefer virtual or live dealer version. The house edge guarantees a profit to a casino in the long run and no decent gaming house would dare to fix the game and risk losing lots of money in the future.

This, however, does not mean you will have the same chances to make a win regardless of your bets, since some of them promise higher payouts but include smaller winning odds. But, if you have been worried about the fairness, you can relax and return to your favourite version of roulette.

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